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Last update: August 21, 2020

Human Subjects Research During COVID-19:

The Office for the Protection of Human Subjects (OPRS) posts PDF files with information important to College researchers.

Visit the OPRS COVID-19 Response Update page to access:

  • For Remote or Virtual Human Subjects Research: Virtual Resources Guidance, which discusses using video technologies for data collection.
  • For In-Person Human Subjects Research:
  1. COVID-19 In-Person Human Subjects Research Guidance -- explains requirements for researchers who plan to re-start in-person data collection.
  2. The OPRS COVID-19 Human Subjects Research Safety Plan Form (downloadable Word form) needs to submitted to fulfill OPRS Guidance for In-Person research.

College researchers must file completed Safety Plan Forms with OPRS before engaging in-person human subjects research.

Research with K-12 Schools:

The School University Research Relations page (Bureau External Website) offers continually updated information for both College and Campus researchers on schools districts, school closures, and reopening dates enacted to reduce the spread of COVID-19.