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Building Hours and
Office Staffing Plans 

Be healthy and safe on campus:


We encourage you to take the COVID-19 Illinois Community Pledge.

Personal Protocols

  • Conduct a health self-assessment every morning; stay home if you don’t feel well and contact your medical provider if any symptoms are severe or concerning.
  • Wash hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer if a hand washing station isn’t available.
  • If you are participating in on-campus activities, you are required to get tested two times a week.
  • Respect social distancing in classrooms and other public areas.
  • Cleaning is a community effort. Instructors must ensure their classrooms are cleaned after each in-person class. Staff members must sanitize their own workspaces after each use.
  • Follow required layouts and entry/exit instructions posted outside each classroom door.
  • Wear masks inside buildings. Masks will be provided to faculty, staff, and students by the College. Distribution will begin Monday, August 24 in Room 25, Education Building.
  • Face shields are approved personal protective equipment (PPE) and will be distributed by the College to those providing in-person instruction.
  • Whenever possible, use stairs instead of elevators. Elevator use must be limited to one to two persons. 

Building Protocols

  • Access to the Education Building will be limited to the southwest accessible entrance. 
  • Access to the Children and Family Research Center (CRC) will be available via i-card swipe access only. Valid non-expired i-card required.
  • Sanitizing supplies will be provided for each classroom, departmental office, conference room, and building entryway.
  • Classroom capacities, required layouts, and entry/exit instructions will be posted outside each classroom door.
  • The majority of common areas are restricted.
  • Plexiglass has been installed in reception areas and between workstations that are in close proximity of each other.
  • Questions and concerns should be submitted to

    COVID-19 Etiquette

    Show kindness, compassion, and patience for fellow community members.

    If you encounter someone who is not meeting personal or building protocols, please call (217) 333-1900 and/or complete the COVID-19 Enforcement Form.

    Pages last updated August 28, 2020.