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The family of Yingying Zhang announced the creation of Yingying’s Fund, an endowment to honor the Illinois scholar. The Zhang family established the endowment to assist international students in crisis and their families. https://t.co/2c9Oj8qfpc https://t.co/1ukYSosZc6

If you plan on coming to campus August 20 or 22, don't forget to refer to the 2019 Move-In map for specific travel routes and driving directions. Print: https://t.co/ZILAYxkB8L Download the App: https://t.co/sf2PJH8rop #Illinoismovein https://t.co/He3Kn8SAsV

In light of increasing scientific evidence of the harm created by tobacco use, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is now entirely smoke and tobacco free. ?? https://t.co/GRd3WSeJdn https://t.co/7cEEfAiAb3

@chicagotribune reports on Danville prison's removal of books from inmate education program. https://t.co/yqE9xIOQSL Article cites initial reporting by @LeeVGaines for @ILNewsroom https://t.co/Es9dozQARN @willpublicmedia