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Annual Fall Faculty Meeting, October 11, 2pm, 22 Education

Join us THIS morning at 10:30 in the O'Leary Learning Center to celebrate one of our most loyal alumni, Al Davis, as the 2019 recipient of the UIAA Lou Liay Spirit award. ???? You can also catch him tonight in the #ILLINOIS Homecoming parade at 6. Route: https://t.co/MkwbGJfCLn https://t.co/y2iJNVF0BM

Congratulations to Learning and Education Studies senior Ashlyn Fleming who was recently named Big Ten Defensive Player of the Week. ?? Read more about her leadership with @IlliniVBall: https://t.co/6dpXE7hA1a https://t.co/Qnxlf2id5B

A world-class education. ???? Future Illini: the early action deadline is Nov. 1. Applying early action is non-binding, and you'll receive special attention for merit-based scholarships and honors programs. Apply now ?? https://t.co/JSYWCohHgX https://t.co/3EcO8M5EMC

The Adult Learning Lab looked at how health message framing evokes an emotional response in adults, and how that response influences their perceived effectiveness of the message. Next, they plan to see if the framing affects health behaviors. https://t.co/NvFpKvkSOX https://t.co/7yGgOg66jv