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?@edILLINOIS? SPED faculty, staff, doctoral students, and alumni are ready to share and learn with colleagues from around the world at the #ISEI2019 conference in ?@ICCSyd?. #FlatJenna and #MickMoji also came along! ? https://t.co/MLTZM065Gd

Alumna Brandi Boyd sees the need for change in the classroom. Now, as an assistant principal, she is making that change happen. ???? : https://t.co/mBaImQkWQ2 https://t.co/ibCoZySczt

Fourteen extraordinary #ILLINOIS students and young alumni were offered student Fulbright grants. ???? Learn how they'll pursue international educational, research, and teaching experiences across the globe ?? https://t.co/zpB89mif7c https://t.co/xalmpRrAgs

The more parents are involved with their kids' schooling, the better for the kids, say #ILLINOIS psychologists in an analysis of recent studies. Homework is the exception – where greater parental involvement was linked with lower academic achievement. https://t.co/mWklTXOQOc https://t.co/eq0OIJtYIZ