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Annual Fall Faculty Meeting, October 11, 2pm, 22 Education

We're celebrating the impact of giving. ?? To enter to win #ILLINOIS prizes: 1? Spot one of the special yard signs around campus 2? Take a selfie! 3? Tweet your photo using #withillinois More details ?? https://t.co/MOZlvR9puC https://t.co/x3tAZHTRi3

We're from all over! #ILLINOIS #WeAreIllini ?? https://t.co/S0jEnbhWtf

Welcome to the O'Leary Learning Center. ?? Full video: https://t.co/Rhqy1xdlFm https://t.co/uyczHwdbuj

More than 200 high school computer science teachers, tech leaders and field advocates gathered last Friday for the first-ever statewide K-12 Computer Science Education Summit. ??????? | https://t.co/EeQoIkqPMy https://t.co/7lWI0p4v4m