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Technology is a part of our everyday lives as educators, as learners.

At EDUCATION AT ILLINOIS, making the most of your experience involves more than troubleshooting your computer issue. Whether it is classroom technologies, the latest app for research, visualizing data, online teaching and learning -- we are here to help make the ILLINOIS experience the best it can be. We are your partner for innovation in teaching, learning, research, and service.

IT Partners @ Education will help you...

  • Create web pages for your research project
  • Develop reports for data visualization
  • Select the best technology or tool for instruction, whether it be online, in-person, or hybrid
  • Digitize and prepare print instructional materials

As well as, assist you with keeping your hardware and software running at peak performance.

Contact Us:

*Our staff is working hybrid schedules, please call or email to schedule an appointment before visiting if it is not an emergent issue.