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Campus Awards

College Awards

Awards for Excellence in Instruction

The campus awards competition for excellence in instruction, advising, and guidance is an annual process in the College. Our committee is charged with reviewing nominations and making final recommendations to the Dean. We encourage you to nominate faculty, academic professionals and teaching assistants for excellence by the deadlines.


Nomination Guidelines and Form

Additional Awards

Please note that there are several additional campus awards that have nomination procedures specific to the award. Some of these awards that are not required to go through the college are listed below. Nomination procedures for these additional campus awards can be obtained by contacting the appropriate campus office as indicated.

Awards for Excellence in Faculty Leadership

Eligibility requirements, criteria, and nomination information for each award are outlined below. Campus-level administrators (e.g., in the offices of the Chancellor and Provost, and deans) are not eligible. Awards are presented at the annual Campus Service and Leadership Appreciation Reception.

Past Campus Award Recipients