The College of Education, through the College Investment Fund, has established the College of Education Teaching Academy to provide critical support and professional development opportunities to all College of Education teaching faculty and staff, including teaching assistants.

The goal of the College of Education Teaching Academy is to build upon the capacity of faculty, staff, and teaching assistants to effectively fulfill their teaching roles in the College and be recognized as among the best within campus and their respective disciplines.

The Teaching Academy ... 

  • Serves as a venue for interested participants to collaborate and launch new projects, write grant proposals, or design programs of research on innovative teaching techniques.
  • Provides assistance to tenure track and tenured faculty who are working toward tenure and promotion through resources such as peer mentoring, topical workshops, and Web-based materials and links.

Teaching Academy Presentations

Dr. Kim Collins, clinical psychologist for Disability Resources and Educational Services, presents on the topic of “Working with Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder.” This presentation includes an extended discussion of the characteristics of students with ASD and instructor suggestions/resources to facilitate effective instruction and accommodations. View the video:

Teaching Academy News & Events

The University of Illinois is now an institutional member of the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity. This site provides all Illinois faculty, post docs, and graduate students access to the NCFDD’s resources. Many UIUC faculty are already interacting in some way with the center, and we have received very positive feedback from them. To take advantage of our institutional membership, sign-up here. Please direct any questions to Tony Liss at

About the Teaching Academy Fellow

Professor James ShrinerJames Shriner has been appointed Teaching Academy Faculty Fellow in the College of Education by the Office of the Provost. Dr. Shriner's role as Faculty Fellow is to support the College of Education Teaching Academy and advise and support efforts of the other Teaching Academies across campus.

James Shriner
Associate Professor, Department of Special Education