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The Marching Illini is making strides in sustainability by going paperless. “Today we are a completely paperless operation. We’re saving $30,000-$35,000 annually and the best part about this system is sustainability." ??https://t.co/KcX7TrCIi6 https://t.co/HuShl0qPxG

We’re record-breaking. 50,000+ students at ????@Illinois_Alma 16,000+ graduate students?? an 11%+ increase in #ILLINI ?? We’re diverse. 14%+ more underrepresented ?? backgrounds 9%+ more ?? female 15%+ more ???? ???? ???? international We’re #ILLINOIS . ???? https://t.co/vMCS2EnBr0 https://t.co/181UOhZvb7

????Ain’t no tailgate like the Education tailgate. ???? ?? I-L-L... https://t.co/YoBFdlNRUJ

Sweet! ?? https://t.co/TfNLqd3Hzi: Celebrating the beginning of the academic year with my department. Yay C&I! @edILLINOIS https://t.co/ib2zn2qP88