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The Department of Special Education in the College of Education at the University of Illinois is excited to announce FIVE fully-funded Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) doctoral training programs. Priority deadline is December 1. Apply today: https://t.co/NPOsBayeCB https://t.co/pE663cLMIg

For its defense of the First Amendment rights of incarcerated individuals, the Education Justice Project (EJP) has earned the 2019 Robert B. Downs Intellectual Freedom Award: https://t.co/QkXshoP1sj https://t.co/Tgh3qRCWTL

We are looking for new doctoral students who aspire to be leaders in the field of special education through their research, teaching, advocacy, and service. Priority deadline is December 1. Apply today: https://t.co/GCBVAFinfc https://t.co/yx0xoQnC42

Happy International Week! ?????? Don't miss any of the incredible events happening this week ?? https://t.co/AnlGzhsIvo. There is something for everyone! https://t.co/o2ryuQ9wse