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Annual Evaluation of Academic Progress Review

In accordance with Graduate College policy, the College of Education conducts an annual evaluation of academic progress review of graduate students enrolled in degree-seeking programs. An annual review helps the student progress through the graduate program by allowing timely identification of deficiencies, clarification of expectations for academic performance, and identification of opportunities for improvement.  For additional information, see "Why Conduct Regular Reviews of Graduate Student Progress?" on the Graduate College website.

The review is a multi-step online process. The student completes a self-report. The adviser reviews the report focusing on degree progress and student strengths and weaknesses. Online feedback is automatically shared with the student but advisers are strongly encouraged to meet with their graduate advisees in person or confer over email at some point in the review process. As a reminder, if a student does not complete the self-reported portion by the deadline, the adviser can still complete the review.  However, if the student fails to complete the review there will be a hold placed on the student’s account preventing future registration.


Timeline for 2021:


    • NOW OPEN - Annual reviews open and students receive an email from the Graduate Student Services Office with directions on accessing the online self-report system
    • Thursday, February 25, 2021 - Deadline for students to submit self-report
    • Upon advisee submission - advisers may review advisee's self-report and commence with evaluation
    • Thursday, March 25, 2021 - Deadline for advisers to submit evaluation
    • Upon adviser submission - students can access comments shared by their adviser

* note that advisers may view their advisees' self-review as soon as it is submitted OR may initiate their own evaluations at any point, however we do encourage advisors to wait for the student to submit their review.


Instructions for graduate students

In advance:

  • Have your resume/vita readily available and up-to-date.
    You will be asked to upload a PDF copy of your resume/vita.
  • Prepare to report information since the last annual review (for students beyond their first year) or since the beginning of your program (for first year students). 
    You will be asked to list publications, conferences, presentations and awards from the prior calendar year.  We understand that many of you are new students and will not have much to enter.
  • Be as specific as possible in entering data. 
    Avoid acronyms.  Use APA style to cite publications and presentations.  See:  Examples of APA style citation
  • Be thoughtful and honest in discussing benchmarks and future plans for academic progress.
  • Doctoral Students Only - New this year, you will list your Research Area Plan courses in a separate section on the evaluation. Your advisor will approve your Research Area Plan as part of their evaluation.

To begin:

  • Go to the College portal:
  • Login
  • Look for the "ED Grad Student Toolbox" header
    If "ED Grad Student Toolbox" is not shown, go to the dropdown box labeled "Add content to the above column", choose "ED Grad Student Toolbox" as shown below, and click "Add". After a few seconds, the toolbox should appear.
    ED GradToolbox Screenshot
  • Click on the link for "Self-Evaluation Student Input Screen (Education Administration)."
  • Make sure you are in the SPRING 2021 tab in the upper left-hand corner of the evaluation.

You may edit and save your self-review as many times as you need. Do not mark the evaluation "complete" until you are ready to submit as you will no longer be able to edit your evaluation.  Self-Reviews not marked "complete" by the February 25, 2021, deadline will not be considered submitted and will have a hold placed on their student registration record.

Questions should be directed to the Graduate Student Services Office.





Instructions for advisors

In advance:


  1. Review your list of advisees on GradRecs (, click on the "My Students" link). 
    You will evaluate only the graduate students where you are the "primary adviser" in Banner.  Communicate issues to your GSSO staff person (see below) so data can be fixed in Banner.
  2. Become familiar with the data available in GradRecs on your students. Communicate problems to your GSSO staff person (see below).
  3. Be prepared to address the academic progress of your graduate advisees.
  4. Be familiar with the milestones of your department's academic programs.
  5. You may initiate reviews of your advisees at any time (please only submit after reviewing student's self-review).
  6. New this year, the doctoral Research Area Plan will be approved as part of the evaluation process.

To begin:

  1. Review the student self-evaluation template that your students are filling out.
  2. Login to the College portal:
  3. Look for the "ED Tools" header (if not listed, you may use the "Add content" in the lower left-hand footer to add toolbox)
  4. Click on the link for "Graduate Advising."
  5. Use the "Evaluate" button to initiate an evaluation for your listed advisees.  Use the "View" button if you would like to view the Student Record.

Questions should be directed to the Graduate Student Services Office.


Where to go for help

Graduate Student Services Office