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Academic Data Resources

This page includes links to reports, dashboards, and reporting systems that include "Academic Data" (e.g., Admissions, Enrollment, Registration Degree Progress)

  • Division of Management Information (DMI) - a university unit that reports a number of metrics in the campus profiles and produces standards for student data reporting, such as the 10th day enrollment snapshots and Instructional Unit (IU) calculations
  • Graduate College Dashboard - admission numbers and demographics per department
  • Education Enrollment Lists - enrollment lists by major, concentration, courses taken, GPA, demographic indicators, etc.
  • Education Program Dashboard - admissions & enrollment trends filterable by major, concentration, degree, and format
  • Education Course Enrollment - subdivides a course's enrollment based on a variety of student attributes such as concentration, degree, or format
  • Education Course Rosters
  • My Advisees - lists your current and past academic advisees (as represented in Banner) and provides a limited profile for each person. Includes stopouts
  • EDDIE - a university data reporting tool that may include a variety of admissions, enrollment, and other data, depending on access approval
  • Tableau - a university data analysis tool that may include a variety of admissions, enrollment, and other reports, including some of the reports listed above, depending on access approval
  • Board of Trustees Metrics - university-level stats about enrollment, retention, graduation, financial aid, etc.
  • Education Online Programs - reports about our online programs overall, for the Director of Online Programs

Source Systems

  • EDW - the campus Enterprise Data Warehouse, consisting primarily of day-old Banner data for admissions and enrollment data
  • Slate - Grad College admissions system
  • GradRecs - student records system that supplements Banner
  • ATLAS FormBuilder - contains a number of student forms and processes, some of which supplement the academic record and may be reported above