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For Newly Admitted Students

See the Graduate College Updates for required testing, issues of I-20's, etc.


How do I receive my I-20?

The Graduate College will mail out all I-20s and DS-2019s directly to applicants on a weekly basis (on Fridays). 

How can I learn about financial aid opportunities?

Please visit the Office of Student Financial Aid website at to learn more about financial aid. Many on-campus degree-seeking students hold assistantships or fellowships to subsidize cost of attendance. Please note that students in online programs are not eligible for assistantships or fellowships. For information on this, please visit the webpage of the Graduate College’s Fellowship Office.

How do I register for courses?

Please visit this page for information about registering for courses.

I am trying to enroll in a course and keep receiving an error message. What should I do?

Check the restrictions listed on the course and the section you are trying to register for on Course Explorer. If you meet the restrictions, check that there is not a time conflict with another course you are registered for. If you are still unsure, contact Katie M. Burke at Please include the error message you are receiving. 


Can I use a tuition waiver if I'm taking online classes?

Your academic program determines whether you can use an Illinois tuition waiver


Degree seeking students:


Non-degree seeking students: 

  • Online students:  Students inself-supporting programs are not eligible to receive Illinois tuition waivers.  Waivers are only allowable if the student is registered through CITL (program code 10LN1249NDEJ). 
  • On-campus students:  Students are eligible for these waivers, even if they are taking an online section of a course. 


Employer’s Tuition Coverage: 

  • If the student’s employer provides educational benefits, it is up to the student to contact the Human Resources department in their organization to determine eligibility.


If you have questions about applying Illinois waivers to your program, contact