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Hello Phase 2 students,

In light of the announcement that the university will not resume face-to-face instruction this spring semester and that all students should move from campus if possible, we want to clarify what that means for our program.
Effective immediately, attendance at your Phase 2 practicum placement is complete. If the local schools re-open at some point after March 30th, you will not return to your placement. I know we're all feeling confused and disheartened by all of this. I wish you had had a chance to say goodbye and have some closure with your cooperating teachers and students. Know that the 8 weeks you spent with them was meaningful and important to their growth and learning as people. 
We will continue to conduct the seminar portion of EDPR 250/SPED 524. Because online classes do not begin again until next Wednesday, March 25th, our seminar won't meet online until March 31st. We will send further communication about that next week. You will also continue to meet with your university supervisor via Zoom or other communication options that work for you. More information will follow.
The College of Education and Department of Special Education will continue to communicate with you about your coursework, grades, and next steps. Please keep checking your email. 
If you are struggling with anything at all, please feel free to get in touch. We are more than willing to help connect you with any resources necessary. 

Laurie Andrews, Practicum Coordinator
Stacy Dymond, Program Coordinator