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SCE Student Teaching Placements

All student teachers have been asked to return to their permanent residences or off-campus residences immediately, if possible.

Student teachers are expected to remain engaged in teaching and learning activities until May 8, 2020, in one (1) or more of the following capacities:

  • Participate in the approved e-Learning/remote learning plans in effect for the school site, in consultation with and under the supervision of your cooperating teacher.  This should include established opportunities to continue to plan, instruct, and assess student learning and reflect on your teaching role with cooperating teacher(s) and supervisor.
  • Assist your cooperating teacher(s) in the development and implementation of e-Learning/remote learning activities, as permitted.  This should include but not be limited to: developing learning activities, collaborating remotely with cooperating teachers(s), interacting remotely with students, and assessing student work.
  • If the above are not possible or permitted, contact Jay Mann ( and your supervisor to develop an individual learning plan to support your growth and development, especially in the area of future remote learning facilitation.

All edTPA submission requirements and conditions for licensure remain in effect at this time; please follow College-recommended deadlines for submission.