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Keep Learning - Instructional Continuity

Need Support?

A variety of circumstances, outside of a pandemic, might require students to temporarily take classes remotely (online) with minimal notice: a severe weather event, a family emergency requiring your presence elsewhere, etc. This guide provides you with actions to take when making that shift quickly, and resources to support the online learning transition.

Key Guidelines

  • Get the latest on COVID-19 protocols for learning at the campus' COVID-19 website.
  • Remain in regular contact with your professors and TAs. Whether via email or in Canvas (or formerly, Moodle), they need to hear from you.
  • Review your syllabus as needed to accommodate changes.
  • If you have disability accommodations, please contact your professors to assure the accessibility of your online course. 
  • If you are going through additional stress, remember that the Student Assistance Center is here for you.

Latest COVID-19 Updates