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Preparing Course and Program Proposals

Revising a Course FAQs

Can clinical faculty submit a course proposal?

No, tenured or tenure-track faculty will need to propose the course. However, the syllabus can be from any level faculty (visiting, clinical, etc.).

How do I determine the effective term?

The effective term will generallybe Fall 20XX, even if you plan to teach the course in Spring.  If you aresubmitting a course request for a term past the current academic year, use Fallof that academic year.  (Example, the current academic year is2019-20.  The course will be taught Spring 2021.  Use Fall 2020 asthe effective term.)

A course submitted for the current academic year needs to take the Academic Catalog into consideration.  The Academic Catalog is the program that incoming freshmen are held accountable to.  If the course does not affect the current year Academic Catalog, you can use whichever term you wish.  If it does affect the current year Academic Catalog, carefully review whether 1) it can be effective the following fall semester or 2) it is okay that this changes the current Academic Catalog.  (Example, the current academic year is 2019-2020.  The course revision is for a change in credit hours for Spring 2020 on a required course in a degree program shown in the Academic Catalog.  Determine if freshmen need to take the course in Spring 2020 with the revised credit hours.  If so, continue with Spring 2020.  If not, make the change effective Fall 2020.)  A program revision is also required if the Academic Catalog changes.

If a proposal is in workflow (having been submitted and waiting on an approval), can another proposal be submitted on the same course?

No, the first proposal must be completely approved before another proposal can go forward.