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Resources and support to protect staff and scholars.

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is committed to protecting the academic freedom and personal safety of our staff and scholars. Nationally, unfair attacks on scholars have increased, often in social media, on message boards, and through other online forums. These so-called "trolling attacks" can be professionally disruptive and personally difficult, so we have compiled information and resources to assist scholars who are the target of one of these campaigns.

These resources are available at Printed copies of this resource guide can be obtained by emailing

Additionally, academic freedom and safety on campus and in the classroom is also at issue. Campuses are experiencing some of the increasing social unrest associated with racial and ethnic demographic shifts in the U.S., growing income gaps among these groups and racial tensions related to immigration. As a result, an uptick in racial bias incidents on college and university campuses and greater prevalence of racialized antipathy and hate crimes have been experienced and reported, nationally.

If you witness such an attack or situation, immediate physical danger (call 9-1-1) is not a concern, contact:

  • UI Police Department: 217-333-1216
  • Office of the Provost: 217-333-6677
  • Dean's Office: 217-333-0960
  • Public Affairs: 217-333-5010