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Your resource for College of Education branding and messaging standards

As brand guardians of the College of Education, the Communications Office is your resource for branding and messaging standards. The College's communications and marketing follow the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign brand guidelines, set forth by the campus' Chief Marketing Officer and Creative Services team. Use this guide of official campus and college color palettes, fonts, usage rules, and more when you create materials for your program or event. Always make sure to include the College's text mark and appropriate contact information for your unit on your piece.

Text Mark

The College of Education text mark may only be used for official College business, including print, digital, and web placement. The College text mark must remain in its original form and proportions and cannot be modified. The text mark “COLLEGE OF EDUCATION AT ILLINOIS” and "GREAT MINDS THINK ILLINOIS" are graphic elements, not a typeface. Do not substitute a different typeface for the text mark. Do not reposition or resize. The Illinois I Mark, Block I, and College text marks need to remain in the established proportions. Please contact the Communications Office if you are uncertain how to use the College text mark.


Download a compressed file (.zip) to your hard drive: 


Expand the .zip file to view folders containing text marks in jpg, .eps, and .png file formats for use on various backgrounds, compatible with both PCs and Macs.

College Style Guide

The College of Education style guide includes instructions on the appropriate use for the College text mark, color palette, and suggested fonts for use in fliers and materials. It also includes College-specific writing style guide and current messaging and branding standards. An updated College of Education style guide will be available in late 2020.

Power Point Templates

The College of Education PowerPoint template may only be used for official College business.

Zoom Virtual Background Images

Download one of these College of Education themed images to add to your Zoom account, and represent Education at Illinois wherever you log on.

Flier Templates

The College of Education flier template (MS Word) may be used for official College business. To request a custom template for your unit, please fill out this request form.

To create 11"x17" posters, contact the


Printed and digital letterhead exist for the College of Education and its departments and units, for official and approved use only. Faculty, staff, and students need to contact their unit's office manager with letterhead requests. All printed correspondence via letterhead viewed by external audiences must use the official watermarked bond paper available from Document Services The watermark of the university seal in the bond paper of the printed letterhead certifies to the recipient that the document is an official university communication, a requirement for some grants and legal issues. Digital letterhead may only be used for email, internal campus communications, and faxed correspondence. The creation of digital letterhead has been automated by Document Services. Complete and submit this form to request new or updated digital letterhead for your unit. The Communications Office will forward the form to Document Services and email you once they complete the letterhead.

Headers and Footers

Nametag Templates

The College of Education nametag template for MSWord on Avery labels may only be used for official College business.