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Marketing & Design Support

We specialize in successful content development, design, and marketing.

Consultation and Planning

Advance planning is key to a well-received brochure, event, social media campaign, and more. Reach out to the Communications Office, and we will help you think strategically about your goals and how best to achieve them. Whether a new event or program, or an existing piece that needs revised or re-imagined, we can help.

In general, for new projects we recommend you contact us at least 8-12 weeks before you want the final piece in hand. We will work with your unit to develop a production schedule complete with deadlines and responsibilities. Here are some questions to consider when planning your marketing and/or design project.

Content Development

We'll provide ideas to help you hit the right messages and tone, and guidelines for the appropriate amount copy/text for your piece. Additionally, we will help you edit the overall draft content to ensure it's meeting the goals of your project. You are the subject matter expert, so we leave the initial draft of copy and the final approvals to you. Only once the final content has been approved by your unit will we begin the design phase.

Typically, the design phase requires about four weeks from the receipt of final/approved content, including all visual content (photos, graphics) to create a draft design. A longer timeline is required if we need to produce art or photography.

Graphic Design

The Communications Office produces high-end design work for print and digital/online projects, as well as promotional items, giveaways, banners, and signage. We also provide multiple versions of the College text marks and templates for a variety of specific uses. When our office is at capacity with existing design projects, we will connect you with trusted graphic designers to choose from who are already on the University's contracted vendor list. Your unit will be responsible for the design charges, and we will give final approval of the piece before it goes to print.

Our production schedule will include several days for you to carefully proof each design draft. We can usually make simple text corrections within days, but if substantial design changes are requested, the project will take longer.

Coordinating Printing and Production

For projects we are involved in, our office will handle the details of securing a printer and managing the entire printing process. We will select the best and most cost-effective printer for your project. If you contract a graphic designer, they will work directly with the printer for you.

Standard turnaround time for printing is 10 working days. Special gift and giveaway items may take up to four weeks for printing and delivery. For some projects, particularly smaller quantities, we recommend digital printing, which often takes only a few days.

Photography and Video Projects

The Communications Office produces videos and schedules photography shoots for College-level marketing and recruitment efforts. If your unit needs video or photography assistance, we can connect you with resources. All photos require signed waivers in order to be used on the web and in print; click to download university-approved Talent Release Forms.

Faculty or staff who need portraits taken can contact Brian Stauffer in the UI News Bureau to schedule a studio sitting. The cost for the sitting is $40, and can be charged to a department or unit.We specialize in successful content development, design, and marketing.